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Program Requirements

Heat Pump Financing is subject to credit approval and APC's program requirements including: (1) Each heat pump must be installed in a single family residence; (2) That residence must receive electric service from APC; (3) At least one applicant must own that residence (including the land); (4) Each person applying for financing must NOT currently be in bankruptcy and NOT have had any repossessions within the last 7 years or any charged-off account with APC; and (5) APC will be given a security interest in the heat pump.

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Residence Where Heat Pump Will Be Installed
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Application Acknowledgment

By signing/submitting this form: (1) I / We certify that (a) the information given in this application is true and complete; and (b) if this application is signed/submitted by two applicants, we are applying for joint credit, and each of us will be responsible for the full amount owned at any time; (2) I / We understand that , if approved, the interest rate will be based on information in my/our credit report(s); and (3) I / We authorize Alabama Power Company: (a) to obtain reports about my / our credit and employment history to determine my / our creditworthiness; (b) to advise any HVAC dealer or contractor and any owner of the residence at which the heat pump will be installed whether I / We have been approved for heat pump financing; (c) to report my / our credit and payment history with Alabama Power to others; and (d) to send information and offers about Alabama Power's products and services to me / us at the email address shown above.

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